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Aqua-Terra Environmental, Inc.
Environmental Specialists Serving NJ, DE and FL

We're committed to helping you with your environmental needs...
Freshwater and Coastal Wetands Delineation
Freshwater and Coastal Wetlands Restoration
Wetlands Buffer Reduction
US Army Corp and NJ DEP CAFRA Permitting
Submerged Aquatic Vegetation and Shellfish Surveys
Environmental Audits Phase I & II
Dock and Bulkhead Permitting and Legalization
Surfacial and Geo-Technical Soil and Groundwater Sampling
Real Estate Environmental Evaluation
Tideland Licences and Grants
Site Remediation
Dredging Permitting
Planning Board Testimony
Cultural Resourse Surveys
Real Estate Educational Seminars
Licensed Professional Engineering and Land Surveyor Services are available for review and consultation

Aqua-Terra Environmental, Inc. is an independent environmental consulting firm established in 1989 to provide valuable wetland services and other environmentally related concerns to both the private and public sectors and for small- to medium-sized developmental companies to provide the same services available to the larger developers. Client list is available upon request.
Jack Pryor, Principal Environmental Consultant, and Chris Dolphin, Principal Environmental Consultant, would be happy to review your environmental/wetlands needs. We will provide a proposal quickly, so we can start your project moving toward a satisfactory conclusion with the correct permits and any other related services you may need. Contact us before your real estate investment. We offer a one-time site visit for a nominal fee that could identify a potential environmental concern whether on land or on the water.

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